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Thermal Credit Card Rolls 57mm x 40mm - 10 Box of 20 = 200 rolls (57x40x12 )

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Thermal Rolls 57 x 40 - Credit Card Terminal Rolls 10 Box (20 Rolls per box)

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Our 57 x 40mm top coated thermal British made card machine paper rolls are suitable for the following card machines - 

Artema Thales Portable. 

Ascom EFT-20P.

Axalto Magic 5100, Axalton Magic 6000, Axalto X100, Axalto Magic X1000.

Axiohm A620, A620, A621, A630, A631, A632, A711.

Barclays ICT250. 

Cardsave 5100, 7780 (Portable), 7910 (Mobile), iCT250.

Dione Exchequer/Xchequer. 

Extech S5100T, Extech S2500TEF, Extech S3500T.

Gemalto Magic 1000, 5100.

Hypercom ICE5500, ICE5501. OPTIMUM M2100, OPTIMUM M4240, T2100, T4200, T4230, T4205, T4210.

Ingenico ICT220, ICT250, iWL200, iWL221, iWL222, iWL250, iWL251, iWL252, EFT930B, EFT930G, 930P, 930W. 

Natwest streamline.

Matsu-Dionica Omera GSM.

Magic 5100, X1000.

Ocius VX670.

Payzone ICT220, iWL252, iWL251, Touchstar Touchpod 57mm.

Sagem Matsu EFT-930-SEM, Sagem EFT-930G, Sagem R360, Sagem Monetel EFT930P, Sagem Monetel EFT 930B, Sagem Monetel EFT930G, 930W, 930S, 930S-GM. 

Schlumberger Magic X1000, 5100.

Spire SPg, Spire SPw60, SPw70.

Streamline ICT250, VX670, 5100, X1000.

Verifone VX510, VX570, VX610, VX670, VX680. 

Worldpay ICT250, iWL250, X8, VX-670.

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