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Cleaning Products

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  1. 12x Air Duster Compressed Gas Can HiPoint (400ml)

    12x Hi Point Compressed Air Gas - can contains 400ml
    £17.40 inc VAT
  2. Air Duster Compressed Gas Can HiPoint (400ml)

    Air Duster for removing dirt from sensitive equipment and hard to reach areas. Can be used on laptops, keyboards, printers, photographic and video equipment (Used on outer case only, for inside lens cleaning please refer to the camera/video manufacturers guidelines) . Designed to remove dust and dirt from computers and electrical equipment.

    £2.60 inc VAT
    • Over 4 for £2.54 each
    • Over 9 for £2.52 each
  3. AF Foamclene (300ml) Anti-static Foaming Cleaner

    AF Foamclene (300ml) Anti-static Foaming Cleaner

    Worldwide specialist manufacturers in computer, office equipment and multimedia cleaning products, AF International introduce an extensive new range of environmentally-friendly ICT cleaning solutions for small offices, home workstations and mobile workers manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification at our own production sites.

    Anti-static foaming cleaner for removing ingrained grease, dust and dirt.


    • Non-flammable
    • Use on plastic casings, office furniture and walls. Highly effective on crackle finishes
    • Anti-static properties reduce build up of dust
    • Pleasant lemon perfume
    • Use with Safecloths, Safewipes or PC Buds
    £2.29 inc VAT
  4. Screen Cleaner Wipes for iPhone and iPad

    Perfect for those dirty fingerprints on your smartphone or tablet

    £1.49 inc VAT
  5. Tech Link Keepit Clean iPad Cleaner

    Compact Portable Cleaning System & Replacement fluids with specially formulated liquid solution for the Apple iPad and Wireless Keyboard.

    £7.99 inc VAT
  6. Tinypad Televisions Monitors Laptops Tablets mobilephones Reusable Easy cleaning on the Go

    The high quality amazing screen cleaner for:

    Televisions, Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Car Windscreens
    The easiest way to keep your screens clean ,dust, smudge free and protected.

    Re-usable and washable. Great for on the go cleaning.


    £1.99 inc VAT
  7. Dust-Off LCD Screen Portable Cleaning Spray Pen Kit

    Dust-Off Portable LCD screen cleaner kit contains cleaner with pocket clip and microfibre cloth. Easy to carry kit specially designed to be safe for all LCD screens; Mobile,Laptop,Tablet TV
    £4.49 inc VAT
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7 Item(s)