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Taiyo Yuden Professional 16x DVD-R Full Face Triple Coated Printable Pack of 100

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Taiyo Yuden's long history of development and manufacturing, combined with their zero tolerance for sub standard product, makes their media the best choice for your requirements.

Nobody beats Taiyo Yuden's quality, their CDs & DVDs outperform the competition in ecording accuracy and superior durability in a wide variety of data and audio applications. Make a great impression by creating your CD/DVD's with Taiyo Yuden media.

The recording media of TAIYO YUDEN, which has excellent recording and playback "Compatibility" regardless of a recorder, and also excellent "Preserving properties" without the loss of important images, is used as a disc by all users, with a sense of security.

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Taiyo Yuden are renowned as being one of the leading manufacturers of quality products. These Taiyo Yuden 16x Unbranded DVD-R in Packs of 100 are supplied direct from Taiyo Yuden.

To meet the needs that record Television Broadcasting with the DVD recorder, DVD-R/DVD+R has 4.7GB capacity for 120 minutes by standard mode.

These Taiyo Yuden 16x Full Face Triple Coated Printable DVD-R in Packs of 100 are a triple-coated, scratchproof, high-speed, DVD-R and have a full-face inkjet printable top surface. From Taiyo Yuden, one of the leading manufacturers of quality products.

The inkjet printable surface of these discs enables you to add your own designs with a vast amount of printers now having the capability to print of Disks.

The full-face printable surface allows you to print right up to the centre hub of the disc, producing extremely professional results.

Hub Printable
Format: Write Once
Diameter: 120mm
Storage Capacity: 4.7GB
Writing Speed: 1-16x
Features: Full Surface
Scratchproof recording surface

PLEASE NOTE In 2008, JVC and Taiyo Yuden announced a new joint venture. This led to the creation of a new brand, combinding the JVC name, and Taiyo Yuden's world-renowned Japan Made media. The new brand is JVC Advanced Media, and during 2010, all Taiyo Yuden Professional media will be rebranded to JVC for Professional Use. During the transition phase, some stock will bear the new branding wrap, and some will not. Please do not be alarmed, we only sell genuine Taiyo Yuden media.


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