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Radblock Anti-Radiation Strip For Mobile Phones

Quick Overview

This is a Unique Product specially made to Absorb Radiation which maybe emitted from Mobile phones, Laptops, Tablets, Computers, Wifi Routers, Microwaves and other Electronic Products.

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The Radiation Absorber is easy to install.
It is light in weight and can be concealed inside the mobile phone or concealed under a cover.

How it can help you

Due to Electro Magnetic Frequency and Radiation emitted from some Electronic Products.
Some people suffer from Headaches, Heat to the Head, Tension, Stress, Sleep loss, Hair loss and other Health Issues The Radiation Absorber can help to reduce the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and help to keep you Safe.

It is smooth in texture and made with composition of materials which give a pleasant and shiny appearance.
The Radiation Absorber is very thin and small, measuring 48mm x 25mm, it is 0.2mm Depth (very Slim)

Unique Technology
 The Radiation Absorber is engineered by materials and technology which is used to make the Absorber, The Absorber is Tested and Proven to Absorb.

The Radiation Absorber Absorbs up to 96.43% (SAR) but in some tests it Absorbs much higher then the figure shown.
Patent Protected
The Radiation Absorber is protected by a patented which makes it unique.
Laboratory Tested
The Radiation Absorbed has been tested in German Approved Laboratory in which tests were conducted and showed test results which confirm the product is proven to work.
Directions (How to use it)
The Radiation Absorber has at the back of it, a sticky paper which is peeled off, once the paper is peeled of, the Radiation Absorber is easily stuck on a battery or near the power supply of the Electronic Products


Additional Information

EAN NUMBER 6945373100022