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Approx (APPC10) MHL to HDMI Converter White Retail


5 Metre HDMI Male to DVI-D Male cable (ferrite cores)

VGA and 2x RCA to HDMI Converter

Quick Overview

This VZTec VGA and 2x RCA to HDMI Converter is supplied in full retail packaging and comes complete with a 5V UK mains power supply. This product enables you to convert and scale analog audio/video to one HDMI display.

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This VZTec VGA and 2x RCA to HDMI Converter allows you to convert and scale analog audio/video to one HDMI display. Compatible with HDMI 1.3 and a wide range of PC's, Projectors and HDTV's.

  • Converts both the analogue visual (VGA) and audio (3.5mm/phono) to digital (HDMI) translating a VGA analogue signal to a digital HDMI format 
  • Compatible with HDMI 1.3 (not 1.4) 
  • Input: 1 VGA male to male cable, 1 Audio 3.5mm jack to 2 x phono (audio cable not necessary if you only require video) 
  • Output: 1 HDMI male to male 
  • Supports highest video resolution at 1280 x 1024 
  • Supports 24 bit all channel deep colour 
  • Max. Transmission distance: 15M total

  • Power supply: 5V/1A 
  • Input: 1 VGA, 1 Audio 
  • Output: 1 HDMI 
  • Impedance: 75Ohm 
  • HDMI Transmission rate: 5Gbps 
  • Max. transmission distance: 15M by 24AWG HDMI cable 
  • Housing: Metal



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