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Maxell 16x Branded DVD-R 4.7GB Pack of 100 - Shrink-wrap | 275733.40

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These Maxell Branded 16x DVD-R discs come in a 100 disc Shrink Wrap pack. Each disc has a 4.7GB capacity and is ideal for storing movies, photos, music or data backup and keeping them safe for long time.

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Maxell have always been known for the quality of their recordable media, and as part of the Hitachi Maxell group, have experience in a large number of areas. Maxell Branded 16x DVD-R is no exception.

Maxell Branded 16x DVD-R is a DVD recordable format. A DVD-R typically has a storage capacity of 4.71 GB (or 4.38 GiB). The larger storage capacity of a DVD-R compared to a CD-R is achieved through smaller pit size and smaller track pitch of the groove spiral which guides the laser beam. Consequently, more pits can be written on the same physical sized disc. In order to write smaller pits onto the recording dye layer a red laser beam with a wavelength of 640 nm (for general use recordable DVD, versus a wavelength of 780 nm for CD-R) is used in conjunction with a higher numerical aperture lens. Because of this shorter wavelength, DVD-R use different dyes from CD-R to properly absorb this wavelength.

Maxell Branded 16x DVD-R are composed of two 0.6 mm polycarbonate discs, bonded with an adhesive to each other. One contains the laser guiding groove and is coated with the recording dye and a silver alloy or gold reflector. The other one (for single-sided discs) is an ungrooved "dummy" disc to assure mechanical stability of the sandwich structure, and compatibility with the compact disc standard geometry which requires a total disc thickness of about 1.2 mm. The sandwich structure also helps protect the data containing layer from scratches by a thick "dummy" disk, a problem with CDs, which lacked that structure.

  • Brand Maxell
  • Format DVD-R
  • Write Speed 1-16x
  • Surface Branded Maxell logo
  • Capacity 4.7 gb
  • Quantity 100 Discs
  • Packaging 100 Disc Shrink wrap


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EAN NUMBER 4902580504915

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