MAM-A Inc (Mitsui) 8x White Archival Thermal Printable Everest Approved DVD+R 4.7GB Cake Pack 50

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Thermal Printable
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4.7 GB

MAM-A stands for Mitsui Advanced Media of America. MAM-A was formerly known as Mitsui. Many professionals still refer to MAM-A as Mitsui. They are both the same company. MAM-A is considered by many professionals to be the best blank DVD-R media manufacturer in the world. MAM-A DVD-R uses a propietary organic dye that yields 75 years for Silver DVD-R and 100 years for Gold DVD-R. MAM-A controls every aspect of production from raw materials to finished packaged product. This control allows MAM-A to perfect the manufacturing process and more importantly to consistently produce blank DVD-R media at the highest quality. MAM-A manufactures in Colorado, USA and Japan. MAM-A Mitsui DVD-R is available in 16x record speed with a top surface of Shiny Silver Thermal Printable, White Inkjet Printable, Silver Inkjet Printable, Silver and White Thermal Printable for color thermal printers Prism, Prism Plus, Everest, Teac P-55 and more.

MAM-A Mitsui 8x 83526 White Thermal Printable DVD+Rs are best suited for users that want to print on the surface of the DVD+R with a color thermal printer like the Rimage Everest. MAM-A Mitsui 163159 thermal DVD+R is hub printable which means you can print closer to the center hole covering almost the whole top side of the DVD+R. MAM-A Mitsui  83526 is a professional grade 8x DVD+R with excellent reliability, consistency and quality. MAM-A has a great reputation as one of the best blank optical media manufacturers in the world and many professionals choose MAM-A DVD+R for critical performance and longevity.

  • Extra long storage life in excess of 300 years
  • Highly resistant to degradation
  • 1-8X recording speed
  • Premium white thermal printable surface
  • 4.7GB Capacity

  • Media Top: White Thermal Hub Printable
  • Media Bottom: Dark Blue / Purple, (Organic Dye)
  • Print Surface: Color Thermal Printable or DVD pen
  • Capacity: 4.7GB - 120 minutes
  • Speed: up to 8x

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