JVC 4x Bluray BD-R LTH Type Hard Coated Discs Packs of 5

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Made in the same factory as Taiyo Yuden in Japan JVC 4x BD-R LTH Type discs are regarded as one of the highest quality discs on the market.
Ideal for storing movies, photos, music or data backup and keeping them safe for long time.
BD-R disc allow you to record 25GB data onto 1 disc which means you can record more than 5 times as much data on it than on traditional DVD-R`s with 4.7GB capacity.
When JVC announced these premium grade Blu-Ray discs they meant it: High Quality Standards, Superior Durability, Excellent Compatibility & Stability and Long Life.

  • Product: BD-R
  • Type: LTH
  • Speed: 4x
  • Capacity: 25GB
  • Pack size: 5
  • Hard Coat
  • Each disc is separately packed in slim cases inside the box.
  • Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden

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