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Starter Kit

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  1. IDOL SMOKE eGo-T Premium Twin Electronic Cigarette Kit

    With IdolSmoke™ there's no more restrictions. Smoke wherever you want, without the risk of second hand smoke or offending others. It's a smarter and safer alternative. You can experience guilt free smoking pleasure in locations like Offices,Public transport,Cinema,Restaurant and Cafes, Airports And Aircraft,Vehicles.
    £9.98 inc VAT
  2. Ipuff Quality Evod Double 650mAh Twin Starter Kit SILVER & BLACK With USB charger

    The smartly presented Ipuff Twin Kit Comes is a great his and hers starter kit, with its top class quality and nice smooth vape.

    The kit comes with everything you need to get started for an Evod setup - all you need is the liquid to fill up.
    £11.88 inc VAT
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2 Item(s)