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DURACELL Plus Power AA Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 8

Quick Overview

The Duracell Plus AA battery manages to retain its power, (which is 30% more than the standard Duracell AA battery), even when it has been in storage for up to ten years. This proves just how reliable and durable the performance of a Duracell Plus AA battery really is. Suitable for a high variety of devices that we use on a regular basis, such as various types of controls, clocks, motorised toys and many more, the Duracell Plus AA battery would be useful for everyone to have a supply of, whether at work or at home.

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  • Duracell Plus Power 8 Pack of AA batteries
  • Long Lasting Power Guaranteed with Duracell Plus Power AA Batteries. These Batteries give reliable performance and long-lasting power.
  • Long Lasting Power Guaranteed
  • Designed for long lasting performance
  • You Can Trust Duracell

Additional Information

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