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  1. SONY PlayStation 4 Pro - 1TB hard drive & 8GB GDDR5 memory

    Experience the most spectacular graphics on every game and film with the PlayStation 4 Pro – with 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR compatibility.

    Featuring twice the power as previous models, the PlayStation 4 Pro achieves faster and more stable frame rates as well as incredibly lifelike details for unprecedented gaming quality. Making every action smoother and each colour bold and bright, the PS4 Pro also upscales lower resolutions as close to 4K as possible.

    Not just for enhanced gaming, the Ultra HD capability lets you get the most out of 4K Netflix and YouTube content. Stream your games to multiple devices and share your progress with your friends in beautiful 1080p Full HD, so that you can re-watch your successes in great quality.

    Combining a super-fast processor with jaw-dropping 4K graphics and a massive 8GB of DDR5 system memory, the PS4 Pro has all the same features as the ground-breaking PS4 , except with smoother, richer graphics and incredible detail in every moment.
    £280.00 inc VAT
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