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At SVP.co.uk we believe that every individual is special and deserves quality at affordable prices. For the past few decades SVP.co.uk has been at the forefront of the distribution of computers, laptops, tablets, technology, blank media, ink and toners.

How it all began

Technological advancement was growing exponentially but very few people could comfortably afford and take advantage of the benefits of this technology. We believed that every individual and every home should be able to take advantage of the growing benefits of technology and with this in mind, in 1992, SVP.co.uk was established.

Initially our customers consisted of individuals and small businesses. In a short period of time our customer base rapidly expanded to larger businesses, schools and organisations and we had to relocate a number of times to larger premises. Yet through this expansion we never lost our focus and motto that every individual is special and deserves quality at affordable prices.

We had become one of the largest distributors of technology in the UK yet there was a lack of satisfaction. We knew we could do more for our customers. In late 2013 SVP.co.uk merged with UKDVDR. By combining our resources we could now offer our customers more quality products and services at even lower prices.


Our merchandising team search the globe through utilising their decades of experience just to bring to you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Even now they are able to bring to our subscribers a number of unique offers at rock bottom prices twice a week without fail.

We know that quality is not only based on the product purchased and price paid but is also in the experience and service received. We have recently invested in a number of systems to ensure that every step of the process is as comfortable as possible. Our warehouse staff, tech team and customer service group are second to none because we believe you don't deserve second best.


We are currently developing a state of the art order, process and management system. This will allow for an even better, faster and more accurate service.

We appreciate feedback both positive and negative. We like to know what you expect from us and where you would like to see us head from here. Remember we are here to serve you.

Business Information

SVP.co.uk is the trading name for Silicon Shops LTD.

Registered address: 95 Whins Road, Alloa, FK10 3RF

Trading address: 95 Whins Road, Alloa, FK10 3RF

Company Number: SC291738

VAT Reg Number: 873 4053 22

Email: customercare@svp.co.uk

Tel: 01259 725 200

For support queries please use the support form. This is for your benefit as well as ours as it will maintain a full reference of correspondence to sort out any issues quickly and efficiently.